Friday, April 26, 2013

My final blog

I enjoyed blogging, not that I am any good. I can't wait to finish up this semester and only have one more year left. I will find my own place and live on my own after that. I will be going to VCU and start studying to be either a forensic pathologist or forensic psychologist so wish me luck! I'm going to need it. I am so thankful that Bland has already prepared me so much for a University and can't wait to show the world what Kaci Dee is made of! I am going to be someone imprtant because I'm a nobody now. I'm going to make a difference in this world and I know it. And I hope you all will too. I know that Dr. Barbara Morgan is a great professor and has helped me realize my passion in psychology and I greatly appreciate it. Well, I guess I'm going to leave that there. You have a great summer y'all!

The Boston Marathon

I just can't stop thinking about this heartless tragedy, I realize that it doesn't help getting so angry on my part but I can't help it. How could those "men" do this to a group of people. The children, the family members... who could do that? Like, seriously the younger guy actually put down one bag next to the 8 year old boy that died. A woman died and her boyfriend was going to propose to her as she crossed the finish line! The younger brother deserves to rot in jail. I even hope they will take the most extreme measure with this guy! I hope the news tells us exactly what happened and why it did. Because I can't stand being in the dark about things, especially something this big.

English Class

Well, English was quite an adventure this semester. I had many arguments and debates. I remember arguing about what topics to write about. I remember arguing about my paper, trying to justify how I felt about something. I always did my best to listen to what people had to say in English but also realizing that it was quite hard to actually keep an open mind. You don't realize how close minded you really are until you have a debate with a diverse group of people. This has taught me to listen and keep an open mind with anything! I hope I can keep this in mind in future conflicts. Whether it be work, school, or personal experiences. I appreciate what Professor Sweeney has done for me, and I hope I can take his English class next semester!



I just finished my last paper! And believe me. That's a big relief off of my shoulders! I can't wait to make sure I take Sweeney's class next semester! Happy happy day! I have to work though, so it puts a bit of a damper on my day. Oh well, it's only 5 hours. I am probably going to take a well deserved nap! Nap's are always refreshing and amazing even at 19 years old! I am also hungry, so I am debating... Decisions decisions. Well, I have 3 finals to take and I'll be officially done with my second semester of college, that's an acheivement in my family, none of the other grandchildren in my family so far that is going to college and is staying in it. I can't wait to graduate from Richard Bland! It'll be such an acheivement in my family and I know I'll be proud of myself and i hope my family will be as well.

Food, yummy.

I am eating a bacon and egg croissant sandwich. And orange juice. That's what is on my mind. I am very hungry! PLUS I have chocolate CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS TOO! It may sound like it's too much chocolate but TRUST ME, it's not! Mmm, on a more serious not off of food. I am signing up for my summer class today after my LAST TWO CLASSES OF THE SEMESTER/YEAR. I am so proud of myself! And everyone else should be too!! I have already registered for my classes and I just gotta get an override for an English class! I am almost done writing my last paper of the semester and just need to finish these blogs and comment on a few more and I'll be done with this semester. Except for studying for my history, psychology, and criminology final. This is just all so crazy fast. I have a lot of stuff to plan and get together. It's all so frazzling but I know I can do this and it'll work out for itself.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I am excited for summer 2013! I'll be working, taking one summer class, and then preparing for my 2nd year in RBC! I;m so excited and so happy! Like I know I'm ready for this and now I can take a breather on everything. I still have one paper to tweak, and finish writing a paper! I have to study all tonight for my LAST pyschology test before my final, and the rest of these blogs and comments. THEN FINALS AND WE'RE ALL DONE. I am glad to hear from people who have been commenting on my blogs agree with me. My mom just got into an argument about my future. She never went to college and I think she's upset that she never made a career... So I feel like she is trying to live through my experince and make me do what it is she wants. She has always been sort of controlling like a ridiculous amount. I think this may be one reason I am always so anxious and nervous about my life and future. I just want to go to school, work, and be a teenager. But unfortunately living with my parents it's not that easy. I just have to stick it out one more year. I can do this.. Then I have my car, my first two years of college done, and I can move out. My boyfriend and I are already looking... I get more stressed than I shoukd because of my parents. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one with crazy controlling, strict parents. I don't ever really hear anybody else explaining the stuff I go through with my parents about theirs... Oh well, I'm gonna touch it out because it'll make me stronger and I know it. Good luck everyone!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Time has flown by! I thought I still had weeks to get all my stuff finished! I am a terrible procrastinated sometimes! But somehow I always do my best work like that. I can't believe my first year of college will be COMPLETELY done in 2 weeks! PROPS TO ALL THE FRESHMAN IN COLLEGE. Yay us. I am about to get my Alt Pin number to make my classes! But I haven't had time to meet up with my adviser and see what courses I need to take to graduate but not get a degree! Phew! I just need more time! I have no idea how I'm going to get this all done in so little time! I know a lot of other people are feeling the same way about right now! I can totally understand. I work and I need to study for two tests this week, an in class essay, 3 exams, 6 more blogs, and 10 comments on other peoples blogs! Ah! HELP. No sleep week for college students! Haha. After this I have 3 and a half months to BREATHE. Well, and work 6 days a week maybe even 7. But still no studying, no papers, no tests, no quizzes, no MATH. I hate math, if anyone actually reads this and goes to Bland. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TAKE PROFESSOR FIDELMAN FOR ANY MATH. He's not a bad man, he's very intelligent. He just cannot teach for the life of him, especially to our age group. I failed that class because of hima and I'm not exactly terrible at math, I'm not great but I'm not terrible. Anyways good luck to you all, I'm hungry and it's time for me to eat! And get ready for my night class and tweak some papers.

Always in English,
Kaci Dee